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HB-655 Aftermarket Brakes

AF Pad shape Image Brand Compound Details Edit link

  • Increased stopping Power
  • High friction/torque hot or cold
  • Gentle on Discs
  • Extended pad life
  • Low dust
  • Low noise
  • Great all round fast road pad

HP +
- 100-800°F, 38-427 °C
- High Friction Output
- Dual Purpose fast road and track day pad
- Work from cold
- Sprint, Hill Climb, track day

  • 400-1600°F, 204-871°C
  • High Torque, High Temperature
  • Excellent Torque control
  • Excellent modulation and release characteristics
AF Pad shape Image Brand Compound Details Edit link

  • High performance street compound
  • Ceramic based friction material offering minimal disc damage and non corrosive dust. Outstanding performance, low dusting and low noise with an excellent initial bite.
  • Work from cold
  • NOT recommended for ANY track use.

  • Fast road and Track day compound
  • Excellent initial “bite”, with progressive feel
  • High fade resistance, disc friendliness at all temperatures
  • Operating temperature range 50°F to 1000°F + (10°C to 537°C+).
  • AX6TM is NOT recommended as a race compound in most applications

  • Advanced Track Day and Race Use
  • Outstanding initial bite at race temperatures
  • Operating temperature range of 200°F-1250°F+ (93°C to 676°C+).
  • Extremely high fade resistance, Disc friendly with non-corrosive dust

  • Race compound with high initial bite
  • Fade resistance is in excess of 1475°F (801°C). XP10TM
  • Excellent modulation and rotor friendliness

  • High initial bite, torque and fade resistance over and above the XP10TM compound
  • Excellent modulation and release characteristics
  • More rotor aggressive than XP10TM but still low compared to other brands
  • Temperature range of 250°F to 1850°F+ (121°C to 1010°C+).

  • Extremely aggressive initial bite
  • Temperature range of 275°F to 2000°F+ (135°C to 1093°C+)
  • Linear torque curve
  • Excellent fade resistance

  • Highest initial bite
  • Extremely high torque
  • Temperature range of 400°F to 2000°F+ (204°C to 1093°C+).

  • Endurance racing compound
  • Strong initial bite, a little less modulation than XP12
  • Good fade resistance and disc friendly
  • Temperature range of 250°F to 1450°F+ (121°C to 787°C).
AF Pad shape Image Brand Compound Details Edit link
HB-655 ,

Ferodo’s DS2500 racing brake pads represent a new generation of friction material that’s low in compressibility, ensuring a firm pedal while providing great disc and pad life. These pads were developed with characteristics that make them perfect for track days, including a consistent coefficient of friction (0.50) at any temperature, providing very predictable braking and great pedal modulation. Combined with low wheel dusting and good noise characteristics, this product is the brake pad for the driver who needs the highest track-day braking performance.
HB-655 ,

  • Very high coefficient of friction (0.62) at all speeds and temperatures
  • High initial bite
  • Predictability and control because of the unvarying torque output
  • Low off-brake drag

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